Critical Medical Ventures

Eric Hollowell is committed to complete the development and licensing of important new medicines. 

After a devastating nightmare that interrupted the life-saving research, United American Ventures LLC was subsequently proven to have been falsely attacked by a convergence of wrongful professional and financial motivations by non-principals, who were unrelated to the important medical work.  An extremely lucrative growth in asset values was identified by certified, respected valuators, which we believe took some opportunists by surprise, especially given the restricted lifestyle of Hollowell, who put most of his income back into the company.  Proof was eventually discovered that they had manipulated the power of regulators, primarily via fabricated evidence, in a failed notion that Hollowell would eventually relent and forfeit the company into bankruptcy, so that they could then acquire the assets for less than a penny on the dollar.  Reports eventually surfaced that the subversion group had planned to bypass the indications of the most important life-saving treatments of malaria, tuberculosis, and other lifelong passions of our brilliant scientists for at-cost humanitarianism--and instead purely to focus on the far more profitable first-world indications.  With devastating but ceaseless personal sacrifice, Hollowell never relented. 

Rebuilding from nothing has been slow,
but we shall proceed on the independently validated developments of United American Ventures,
while rewarding UAV’s investors and scientists without loss, and
saving lives worldwide.